PROJECT : Connecting Coastal Heritage

Connecting Coastal Heritage


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Innovative IT application in tourism through

Marine Heritage in Iceland, Norway and Canada


The main purpose of the project is to:


1) Collect historical data related to Marine Heritage in Seydisfjordur – Iceland, Labrador – Canada and Gauksværøy – Norway.


2) Utilize the data through a IT solution that is a specific tourism product, i.e. map of the towns with points of interests that compile written material, photographs and audio-, video files.

The project will:

·      capture a collection of Traditional Knowledge related to 1850-1970 Marine Heritage in three regions of the North Atlantic,

·      publish the collections trough a smart device and browsed-based production using HTML5,

·      create new economic opportunities in the heritage tourism and IT,

·      increase local tourism traffic and industry revenue in tourism in the three countries,

·      produce new market-ready IT product for tourism/visitor management.


Project Partners


The core partners of the projects are Sagnabrunnur ehf. in Iceland, SmartLabrador Inc. in Canada and Museum Nord – Bø Museum in Norway. These regions have similar history when it comes to the Fishery and Marine Heritage. We want to explore the connection, similarites, differences and use the outcome in the creation of a new IT product.

The project partners will work closely with tourist businesses and municipalities in each country to develop professional and useful touristic IT product.


Project Costs

The total proposed cost for the project plan from 2010-2012 is 1.413.000 DKK.

The total financial package required for 2011 initiative is seeking 500.000 from NORA in cooperation with 866.015 DKK from other grants. The project will also include in-kind contribution from the partners in the amount of 46.985 DKK.




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