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The concept of a "North Atlantic Knowledge Network" grew from discussions at the North Atlantic Forum: Creative Solutions for Coastal Communities, in 2006. (See About the North Atlantic Forum for more information.)

NAKN is a collaboration of people and institutions working in regional development policies and practises across the North Atlantic region. Member countries currently include Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Scotland and Canada. There are many commonalities amongst the communities of this region. These communities have much to learn from one another, and can benefit by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

To facilitate this knowledge sharing, SmartLabrador (a Canadian social enterprise) has developed a web-based tool for storing and presenting the work of developers across the North Atlantic region. This tool is accessed here, at NAKN.ca

NAKN.ca is designed to be community-driven. Membership is open to all regional developers across the North Atlantic region, and members can add and maintain information regarding their projects and activities in the field of regional development.

NAKN.ca will be a key resource for all people and groups involved in regional development, and will offer new opportunities for partnership and collaboration across the North Atlantic region.

How to Become a Contributing Member

If you're interested in contributing to NAKN.ca, please send an email to contact@nakn.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!

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