PROJECT : Coastal Heritage Experience Project

Coastal Heritage Experience Project


Timeframe:Apr 1, 2008 - Jun 30, 2010
Categories:Tourism | Culture & Heritage | Information Technology
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This two year project has been extremely successful in building capacity and resources within the Labrador Straits for new heritage tourism products and future opportunities. The project collected the traditional knowledge of local  residents, made it accessible by the tools of information technology and created unique and authentic heritage products and presentations to build a stronger and a more diverse heritage tourism industry.

The Coastal Heritage Experience has increased the region’s capacity for creation of new economic initiatives in the heritage tourism sector, and has built a unique product that can be used for the collection and preservation of traditional knowledge resources in other regions.

Project Objectives

  • To create a comprehensive, multimedia, digital assemblage of traditional knowledge from the Labrador Straits region.
  • Create specific heritage tourism demonstration products for that can be used in the Footpath Initiative, the Natural Heritage Initiative, the Bakeapple Folk Festival and the local tourism businesses.
  • Increase the awareness in the region of the value of traditional knowledge.
  • Increase the capacity in the region for the creation of traditional knowledge-based products and presentations for the heritage tourism industry. Although this will focus primarily on the business community, it will also benefit the non-profit sector.
  • Seek new economic opportunities through relations with other countries of the Northern Periphery, fostered by a similar natural environment setting and comparable cultural and social history. 



Final report of the Coastal Heritage Experience project
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