PROJECT : Adaptive Reuse of the Former Fish Plant Facility

Adaptive Reuse of the Former Fish Plant Facility


Group:Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC)
Timeframe:Jan 6, 2006 - Jun 30, 2012
Categories:Tourism | Culture & Heritage
Added by:Barbara Marshall

Red Bay is a site of archaeological significance with global impportance. It is also a community rich in cultural heritage. There is an evolving market globally for unique tourism experiences; Red Bay has the potential to appeal to that segment of the market.The Adaptive Reuse of the Former Fish Plant Facility will address the issue that enhances and promotes the development of the Cruise Ship Industry in Southern Labrador. Sucess in attracting the interest of the crusie industry depends on having a combination of innovative programming and secondly, on having adequate infrastructure to accommodate cruise passengers and this is what this initiative focused on.


A committee was put in place consisting of regional stakeholders and consisted of; Red Bay Town Council, Parks Canada, Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation, Distination Labrador and the Labrador Straits Development Corporation.The committee was tasked with the resposibility developing a plan that promoted infrastructure requirements to enhance and entice potential crusie companies to visit the region.


The plan was developed and completed over a 3 year period:


Phase 1, the development of the cruise ship industry has been broken down into short and long term initiatives. The short term initiatives will alleviate concerns that focus on getting passengers from the ship to the docking and onshore facilities. These include:

  • Access to wharf
  • Repaint Small Crafts and Harbours Wharf
  • Repaint Old Fish Plant
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Floating Dock
  • Dredging
  • Gabion Baskets or Concrete Wall
  • Freight Shed Removal and Parking Lot Extension
  • Bait Shed Removal
  • Removal of Underground Storage Tank.


Phase 2 initiatives included:


  • Stabilization of the wharf underneath old fish plant
  • Repairs to front of wharf
  • Installation of new shingles and roof stabilization
  • Installation of Bio Green sewer system
  • Water to the facility
  • Refurbish single washroom


Phase 3 initiatives included:


  • Entrance from parking lot to the main building
  • Replace electrical to the interior and exterior of the building
  • Install subfloor to the interior of the building
  • Renovations to the interior bathrooms
  • Renovations to the interior walls and ceiling
  • Create a Tourist waiting area
  • Installation of new windows
  • Removal and Installation of new interior and exterior lighting
  • Cribbing required bridging the gap between the building and the parking lot,
  • Move utility pole


As a result of this project the Town of Red Bay and the region are in a better position to entice and attract cruise ships to the region. This will create business opportunities and provide a venue to actively move the industry forward.




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