PROJECT : Advanced Jewelry Initiative

Advanced Jewelry Initiative


Group:Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC)
Timeframe:Sep 13, 2010 - Nov 12, 2010
Categories:Tourism | Culture & Heritage
Added by:Barbara Marshall

The Advanced Jewelry Making Metalworking Course was a joint initiative between the Southern Labrador Development Association, the Labrador Straits Development Corporation, the Department Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, and Craft Producers.


This new project provided the craft producers with the skills and experience to develop fine crafts that are truly representative of the Labrador Straits, therefore, instilling a set of values and pride, knowing that they actually can make living from the crafts they are producing.


The metalworking course component was broken down into two sections.

The first session last two days and was

  1.  a.) a review of metal technology for those with previous experience and,

 b.) Intense immersion in basic metalworking techniques relevant for producers currently using textile techniques such as grass weaving, caribou tufting, rug hooking, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc.


The second section focused on Interpreting Textile Techniques in Metal and was conducted in daytime and evening sessions over a 4-day period. 


Under the Advanced Jewelry Course the following objectives was achieved: 

  • Advanced skills development for Labrador Straits craft producers in the area of metal working/jewelry making and design
  • Development of new high end crafts based on local natural and cultural heritage of the region – part of overall heritage tourism industry in region/overall economic development goals of the region
  • Generation of wealth from sales of high end craft products not available anywhere else
  • Development of craft demonstrations as part of visitor experience.


Proposal developed and submitted to Funding Agency
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