PROJECT : Fish Harvesters Safety Seminar 2009

Fish Harvesters Safety Seminar 2009


Group:Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC)
Timeframe:Jan 5, 2009 - Mar 27, 2009
Categories:Environment | Information Technology | Communications
Added by:Barbara Marshall

In February 2009 the Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC) host a Fishing Vessel Safe Operations Efficiency Seminar and the following topics was discussed. These topics included: Implications of the new Canada Shipping Act for Fishing Vessels; Weather Forecasting; Fishing Vessel Safety; Overview of the new Small Vessel Regulations; Fishing Vessel Safety Council; Ergonomics and Safety Aboard Vessels; E-simulator Project; Provincial Government Perspective on Industry Energy Challenges; Assessing Engine Performance Operation, and Fuel Metering; and Engine Shafting, Propulsions and Transmissions.


This training seminar was initiated for the development of the fishing industry and the Fisheries Advisory Group established by the LSDC to address fisheries issues and concerns.


The Fishing Vessel Safe Operation Efficiency Seminar was part of the LSDC statement of work for 2009 that was negotiated with the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development (INTRD) and the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA) this past spring.


The main focus of the Training Seminar was to prepare fish harvesters through the transfer of information pertaining to safety within their working environment and how to effectively make their enterprises more fuel efficient.


Training and Certification Presentation
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Safety and Seamanship for Fish harvesters Presentation
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Fishing Vessel Energy Efficiency Initiative Presentation
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Proulsion and Shafting Presentation
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Fishing Vessel Stability Presentation
Size: 5.5 MB   Added: Dec 06, 2012
Fishing Vessel Safety Regulation Presentation
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Fishing Vessel Safety Risk Assessment Factors Presentation
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Fuel Consumption Strategy OB Presentation
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Environment Canada Weather Presentation
Size: 8.3 MB   Added: Dec 05, 2012
Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Enterprise Combining Presentation
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Proposal sent ot the Capacity Building Program, Innovation Business and Rural Development Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
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Seminar Agenda
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Seminar Final Report
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