PROJECT : Wildberry Industry Development Initiative

Wildberry Industry Development Initiative


Group:Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC)
Added by:Barbara Marshall

The Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC) is working with local industry stakeholders, municipalities and neighboring regionsto advance a wildberry industry in Southern Labrador. In addition to research activities, LSDC has lead a learning tour for local stakeholders to Finland, Norway and Sweden and in the summer of 2011 implemented a harvesting pilot project.


Ongoing research activities are critical to the development of a local  wildberry industry. This includes research on properties of Labrador berries and cultivation techniques and strategies in an effort to increase yields. The LSDC worked with the Department of Natural resources and other partners to develop research initiatives that aim to support the wildberry industry as a new industry in the Labrador Straits and southeastern Labrador.


To assist local planning and governance LSDC established a local working committee and a terms of reference for operations of the wildberry committee. The committee includes the regional economic development coporations of the Labrador Straits and Southeastern Labrador, the Dept of Natural Resources, Provincial department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, the Southern Labrador Development Association, and local private enterprise. The committee has solidified the relationship between all stakeholders in an effort to move developments forward.  The aim of all associated research is to develop local knowledge of the resource that can be utilized by private enterprise in primary and secondary processing of local berries.


Request for Proposals to hire Consultant
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Terms of Reference Labrador Wild Berry Study
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Proposal for processing facility for Crowberries - Red Bay
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Partridgeberry Barren Burn Proposal
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Wild Berry Harvesting Pilot Project Final Report
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Proposal to funding agencies for the Wild Berry Harvesting Pilot Project
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Correct Harvesting Proceedures
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Wildberry Committee Terms of Reference
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Scandinavian Learning Tour Final Report
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Labrador Wildberry Strategic Development Plan A Strategy To Expand the Capacity of The Wildberry Industry In Southern Labrador
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