PROJECT : Labrador Straits Ice Capable Ferry Concepts

Labrador Straits Ice Capable Ferry Concepts


Group:Labrador Straits Development Corporation (LSDC)
Timeframe:Mar 31, 2007 - Jul 19, 2007
Added by:Barbara Marshall

This project consists of a preliminary design concept for a replacement vessel for the
ferry service across the Strait of Belle Isle, between St. Barbe, Newfoundland and Blanc
Sablon, Quebec.


This service is of great importance, linking the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador with southern Labrador. The proposed vessel will be capable of year-round service between the island and the mainland.


Due to the ice conditions in the Strait during the winter and early spring, the service is currently seasonal, operating from approximately May to mid-January. A vessel with higher ice capability than the current vessel, the MV Apollo, is imperative to ensuring year-round service.


Final Report new Ferry design Strait of Belle Isle
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Design for new ferry
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