PROJECT : Regional Ambassador Network Pilot Project

Regional Ambassador Network Pilot Project


Group:Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation (SADC)
Timeframe:Jul 1, 2011 - Jul 31, 2011
Added by:Roxanne Notley

The Southeastern Aurora Regional Economic Development Board provides economic leadership for Cartwright – Lodge Bay (Zone 4) and piloted a project during the summer of 2011 to provide critical community and tourism related information and to share knowledge aimed at building a regional ambassadors network (RAN). The RAN is key to the visitor experience, and was aimed initially to the youth sector of local communities. 

What is RAN pilot project?

The project included an orientation session (approximately 2.5 hrs) that was conducted via conference technologies, Power Point Presentation and small group activities.

·         The aim of the orientation session was to share basic information on what it means to be a regional ambassador, and how it impacts the visitor's experience. It also provided basic tips for public relations and the importance of quality services.


·         The session included information and facts about the region and local communities and the region, to increase awareness of the many attractions, activities, stories and facts about local towns.


Regional Ambassador Network Pilot Project Description
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