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Name:NORA - North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA)

NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation) is an intergovernmental organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The NORA region includes the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and Coastal Norway (the 9 coastal counties of Norway, from Finnmark in the north to Rogaland in the south). The NORA countries are associated by their geographical location and by shared characteristics, common challenges and historical, institutional and cultural links.

NORA’s goal is to contribute to the creation of a vital and dynamic North Atlantic region, characterized by a strong and sustainable economy. To reach this goal, NORA supports collaboration between businesses and research and development organizations in the region. NORA’s main objectives and focus areas are set out in NORA’s strategic programme.

The Nordic Council of Ministers, supplemented by national grants from the four member countries, finances NORA. The NORA committee, which is comprised of twelve members, three from each of the countries in the NORA region, decides the main focus areas for NORA’s activities. These focus areas are set out in multiple-year strategic programmes.

NORA’s main secretariat is located in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands. In addition, regional contact persons are located in Iceland, Greenland, Western Norway and Northern Norway.

Read more about NORA at www.nora.fo


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